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ISSN 0236-235X (P)
ISSN 2311-2735 (E)

Publication activity

(Information on the results of 2021)
2-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,441
2-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,408
The two-year impact factor of the RSCI, taking into account citations from all
sources: 0,704
5-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,417
5-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,382
The total number of citations of the journal in the RSCI: 9837
Herfindahl's five-year index of quoting journals: 149
Herfindahl Index by author organizations: 384
10-year Hirsch Index: 71
Place in the overall SCIENCE INDEX ranking: 196
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Automation. Computer technology": 4
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Cybernetics": 2

More information on the publication activity of our journal for 2008-2021 on the RSCI website.


Next issue

Publication date:
19 March 2023

Formatting guidelines

Authors submit their manuscripts and accompanying papers for publication to the editorial board using electronic manuscript submission system or an e-mail: red@cps.tver.ru. All submitted manuscripts should be edited according to the requirements of the Editorial Board.

Recommended length of the paper should be from 10 000 to 40 000 characters (including tables and figures).
The text of the paper should have a structure as follows: the introduction, the main part, the conclusion.
A manuscript should be submitted as MS Office Word document.
Authors should not use the Equation Editor to create simple formula.

Complex equations should be created using Equation 3.0 or MathTypе.
Diagrams and flowcharts should be presented in MS Visio; graphs are in MS Word or Excel.

Colored, toned, scanned, non-editable figures and screenshots should have high quality.

The manuscript for submission must be carefully verified and signed by all authors.

Authors can contact the Editorial Board only via e-mail: red@cps.tver.ru.

After the article has been approved by the Editorial Board, it will be published within a year from the date of approval.


Article submission guidelines

Information in English:

– the title of the article;
– financial support information such as grant, etc. (if any);
– initials and surname of the author (BGN/PCGN romanization system or the spelling of the name used by the author in other publications (citation databases));

– information about the author (academic title, degree, position, affiliation, business address, e-mail);

– an abstract (200–250 words);
– keywords (5–10 words);
– the main text;
– references (according to BGN/PСGN).

It is also necessary to fill the license agreement form and send a scan-copy of a review.

When submitting an article it is necessary to follow House Style Guide.