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16 March 2021

Journal articles №1 2011

11. Program realization of procedure of Richards for synthesis of non-uniform lines [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: Berdyshev R.V. ( - Military Academy of the Aerospace Defence, Ph.D; Kordyukov R.Yu. ( - Main Department of scientific and research activities and technological support of the advanced technologies of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, Ph.D; ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: Work is devoted to application of the spectral approach of the theory of non-uniform lines for development of a synthesis algorithm of non-uniform lines (environments) on the set distribution resonant and antiresonant frequencies on the basis of Richards's procedure for use in filters of the microwave and radiotransparent shelter in interests of maintenance of requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.
Keywords: optimisation, synthesis, algorithm, non-uniform lines (environment), radiotransparent shelter, electromagnetic compatibility
Visitors: 14260

12. Multi-agent simulation modeling of accumulation of knowledge process [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: The article is devoted to the development of simulation model of educational process reflecting the state and dynamics of knowledge accumulation with the analysis and forecasting of the quality of education. The article includes short description of Methods, algorithms and program realization of the agent-oriented simulation of communication of the trainee and the teacher with a glance psychophysiological, emotional and cognition conditions of intellectual agents. Simulation of educational process in the universal simulation system Simplex3 is also described.
Keywords: accumulation of knowledge, social modeling, the agent-oriented technologies, multi-agent system, intelligent agent, imitation
Visitors: 17083

13. Distributed case-based reasoning system architecture for intelligent systems [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - ; Varshavskiy P.R. ( - National Research University “MPEI”, Ph.D;
Abstract: This article discusses various issues of distributed case-based reasoning software development for intelligent systems. We propose architecture based on intelligent agents, seizing the opportunity to work with experience in related subject areas. The main advantages of systems based on the proposed architecture are described.
Keywords: distributed case-based reasoning, plausible reasoning, multi-agent systems
Visitors: 15600

14. Performance models for different user groups in human-computer interaction [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; M.A. Bakaev ( - Novosibirsk State Technical University (Senior Researcher), Ph.D;
Abstract: In research of a fundamental human-computer interaction component, such as throughput in making rapid aimed movements, a model is proposed based on Fitts’ law, which was extended by considering users personal characteristics – the factors of age and gender. The experimental results obtained in the paper may be used in designing universally accessible computer interfaces.
Keywords: interface design, movement throughput, Fitts’ law, human-computer interaction
Visitors: 10687

15. Factor analysis in problems of simulation of multidimensional systems [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: The problems of identification of multidimensional stochastic systems and predict the output signals. To reduce the dimension of the problem is proposed to use the techniques of factor analysis and Kalman filter. Algorithms to identify and obtain equations for the parameters of the objects.
Keywords: correlation, mathematical model, factor analysis, factors, the forecast, identification, a dynamic object, multidimensional object
Visitors: 13605

16. Basic operations on N-oriented hypergraph in a relational database [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: The concept of N-oriented hypergraph. We describe the operations of adding and removing vertices and edges in N-oriented hypergraphs represented in a relational database.
Keywords: adding and deletion, relational database, hypergraph
Visitors: 11372

17. Algorithm construction tree decomposition hypergraph on basis of the acyclicity [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: Bykova V.V. ( - Siberian Federal University (Professor), Ph.D;
Abstract: The problem of finding the optimal tree decomposition of hypergraph is NP-hard. In this paper we propose a new polynomial-time heuristic algorithm based on the completion of original hypergraph until acyclic hypergraph. The algorithm uses a greedy strategy, which aims at minimizing of width the constructed tree decomposition.
Keywords: acyclicity, treewidth, tree decomposition, hypergraphs, graph algorithms
Visitors: 15833

18. The software skill decision-making systems [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: Skill-computing method decision making is described in article in situation, characterized difficult formalized by information to big dimensionality. As a result of automatic education is fixed scatter dependency between source factor and response of the system. As example is presented skill system of the diagnostics «Hepetitises 1.0».
Keywords: decision making, the response, skills, learning sample, the training, iteration, algorithm, the set
Visitors: 13872

19. Developing lowcoupled software for project designs quality assessment [№1 за 2011 год]
Author: ( - ;
Abstract: The article depicts programming object classes principle of low coupling. Object oriented architecture model variants of software for project designs quality assessment are offered.
Keywords: object-oriented models, principle of low coupling, project designs quality assessment, the software
Visitors: 11585

20. Decision support system for the formation of e-learning [№1 за 2011 год]
Author: ( - ;
Abstract: The article focuses on a new concept of information to support the process of creating e-learning courses based on the object model, text data management.
Keywords: the technology of object-processing docu- ments, text processing systems, e-learning course
Visitors: 10000

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