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Publication date:
16 March 2021

Keyword: database

  1. «ASKON» software system use practice
  2. Authors: Родионов Л.Ф., Уютов А.А., Назарова И.А.

  3. Informational system of gis database interaction
  4. Authors: Чернецова Е.А.

  5. Application of informational technologies for multilevel training of chemical technology specialists
  6. Authors: Колыбанов К.Ю., Корнюшко В.Ф., Бурляева Е.В., Арбенин Д.Е.

  7. Information subsystem of faculty’s rating value
  8. Authors: Андреев В.В.

  9. Complex for modelling chart of utilization waste energies
  10. Authors: Оленников А.А., Оленников Е.А., Цымбал В.П.

  11. System-isomorphic dynamic correspondence between the conceptual model of knowledge domain and database scheme
  12. Authors: Зинченко Р.Е.

  13. Evolution of information systems architecture
  14. Authors: Дрождин В.В., Зинченко Р.Е.

  15. Method of developing data flows in complex software-hardware systems
  16. Authors: Лазутин Ю.М., Чертов Г.А., Родиков А.В., Рогожкин В.А.

  17. Design principles for a converter that converts MS DOS projects into MS Windows projects
  18. Authors: Зенков В.В.

  19. Architecture and information technology tools software integrated logistics support industrial piping systems
  20. Authors: Мошев Е.Р.

  21. Forming personnel development priority in a computer-aided management system
  22. Authors: Головина Е.А.

  23. Bioreactors database
  24. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Иванов С.И., Воробьёва Е.С.

  25. The information modeling system of corrosion protection of equipment
  26. Authors: Егоров А.Ф., Савицкая Т.В., Дементиенко А.В.

  27. Soil & Environment as a tool for soil environmental functions evaluation
  28. Authors: Анхелес Гайегос-Тавера, Франциско Батиста, Дубровина И.А.

  29. The development software for input of initial data during simulation
  30. Authors: Чернышев С.А., Антипова С.А.

  31. Algorithm and software implementation for searching the parameter values deviations from industrial equipment norms
  32. Authors: Колоденкова А.Е., Верещагина С.С.