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Publication activity

(Information on the results of 2021)
2-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,441
2-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,408
The two-year impact factor of the RSCI, taking into account citations from all
sources: 0,704
5-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,417
5-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,382
The total number of citations of the journal in the RSCI: 9837
Herfindahl's five-year index of quoting journals: 149
Herfindahl Index by author organizations: 384
10-year Hirsch Index: 71
Place in the overall SCIENCE INDEX ranking: 196
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Automation. Computer technology": 4
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Cybernetics": 2

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Publication date:
19 March 2023

Keyword: computer vision

  1. Automatic extraction of regular grids from rectified facade image
  2. Authors: Якубенко А.А., Мизин И.С., Конушин А.С.

  3. Semantic segmentation of laser scanning data
  4. Authors: Конушин А.С., Шаповалов Р.В., Велижев А.Б., Баринова О.В.

  5. Segmentation of regions of interest based on isolines classification
  6. Authors: Сенюкова О.В., Галанин В.Е.

  7. A dense stereo matching algorithm based on ground control points and plane labeling
  8. Authors: Конушин А.С., Кривовязь Г.Р., Птенцов С.В.

  9. Algorithm for detection and segmentation of defects in transparent minerals on photographs
  10. Authors: Гаганов В.А., Игнатенко А.В., Лебедев А.С.

  11. Methods and algorithms for determining the position and orientation uav using on-board videocameras
  12. Authors: Степанов Д.Н.

  13. Counting people in a video sequence based on head detection
  14. Authors: Конушин А.С., Конушин В.С., Филиппов И.В., Кононов В.А.

  15. Scene geometry for detector precision improvement
  16. Authors: Конушин А.С., Шальнов Е.В.

  17. Predicting an object state based on applying the Kalman filter and deep neural networks
  18. Authors: Дли М.И., Пучков А.Ю., Лобанева Е.И., Василькова М.А.

  19. Experimental analysis of the accuracy and performance of varieties of YOLO architectures for computer vision problems
  20. Authors: Боков П.А., Кравченя П.Д.

  21. The adaptive image classification method using reinforcement learning
  22. Authors: Елизаров А.А.