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(Information on the results of 2021)
2-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,441
2-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,408
The two-year impact factor of the RSCI, taking into account citations from all
sources: 0,704
5-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,417
5-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,382
The total number of citations of the journal in the RSCI: 9837
Herfindahl's five-year index of quoting journals: 149
Herfindahl Index by author organizations: 384
10-year Hirsch Index: 71
Place in the overall SCIENCE INDEX ranking: 196
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Automation. Computer technology": 4
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Cybernetics": 2

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Publication date:
19 June 2023

Semenkin E.S.

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University
Author in:
  1. Web-server information security improvement with techniques of protection from investigation
  2. Co-authors: Стюгин М.А.
  3. Automated system of x-ray structure analysis of powders
  4. Co-authors: Якимов Я.И.
  5. Implementation and investigation of hybryd genetic programming method
  6. Co-authors: Bukhtoyarov V.V.
  7. Coevolutionary algorithm for constrained and multiobjective optimization problems
  8. Co-authors: Сергиенко Р.Б.
  9. Co-evolutionary approach to analog integrated circuits design
  10. Co-authors: Токмин К.А.
  11. Automated system for solving global optimization problems with multi-agent stochastic algorithms
  12. Co-authors: Ефимов С.Н., Галушин П.В., Панфилов И.А.
  13. Coevolutionary asymptotic genetic algorithm for crystal structure characterization
  14. Co-authors: Швец А.В., Якимов И.С.
  15. System of automatic design of intelligent information technologies ensembles For data mining problems
  16. Co-authors: Шабалов А.А.
  17. Software package of adaptive evolutionary algorithms for complex systems modeling and optimization
  18. Co-authors: Семёнкина М.Е.
  19. Call routing problem solving method based on a new term relevance estimation
  20. Co-authors: Сергиенко Р.Б., Гасанова Т.О., Минкер В.М.
  21. The system of relay programming control seeking for dynamic objects
  22. Co-authors: Рыжиков И.С.
  23. Cooperative biologically inspired algorithm for unconstrained optimization
  24. Co-authors: Ахмедова Ш.А.
  25. Performance investigation of self-configuring genetic algorithm for spacecrafts' control systems effective variant choice
  26. Co-authors: Семёнкина М.Е., Попов Е.А.
  27. Automatic feature selection system for human emotion recognition in speech communication
  28. Co-authors: Brester C.Yu., Sidorov M.Yu.