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Publication date:
16 September 2020

Cheremushkin E.S.

Ph.D (
Research Associate
A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems (IIS), Siberian Branch of the Russian Federationn Academy of Sciences, Novel Computing Systems in Biology
Author in:
  1. Structural analysis of rna sequences binding with HuR protein
  2. Co-authors: Пальянов А.Ю., Штокало Д.Н., Нечкин С.С.
  3. Software package for building genomic profiles for weight matrices
  4. Library for transcription factor binding sites search
  5. Co-authors: Горохов Н.А., Парыгин С.В., Стейгмайер Ф.
  6. Comatch. A search engine for transcription factors cooperative binding sites
  7. Co-authors: Nikitin S.I.