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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: database

  1. Requirements for information system of high school management
  2. Authors: Андреев В.В., Герова Н.В.

  3. Program for automated verification of databases integrity constraints
  4. Authors: Хомоненко А.Д., Глухарев М.Л., Косаренко А.П.

  5. Time analysis of handling of conflict transactions in Oracle Enterprise Manager and Errmanager
  6. Authors: Базилевский Е.В.

  7. Academic performance rating in the automatic training system
  8. Authors: Шустова Н.А.

  9. Technology creation for managers data support systems development when shipboard damage control
  10. Authors: Москаленко В.А.

  11. Software-hardware complex for research, designing and control of processing the plastics masses
  12. Authors: Равичев Л.В., Логинов В.Я., Беспалов А.В.

  13. The integrated system for structured physical knowledge processing
  14. Authors: Фоменков С.А., Яровенко В.А.

  15. Software for record-keeping and storage of clinical and socio-demographic information about patients
  16. Authors: Иванов С.И., Голубчиков М.А., Тарутина Н.В., Сафаров Р.Р.

  17. Knoware of an adaptive knowledge testing system
  18. Authors: Бондаренко А.В., Бессарабов Н.А., Кондратенко Т.Н., Тимофеев Д.С.

  19. Imitation modeling for aerospace confrontation
  20. Authors: Смирнов А.А., Богданов О.А., Ковалев Д.В.

  21. Building association rules in medical diagnosis
  22. Authors: Биллиг В.А., Иванова О.В., Царегородцев Н.А.

  23. Natural language user interface of a dialogue system
  24. Authors: Бессмертный И.А., Посевкин Р.В.

  25. Database security: problems and prospects
  26. Authors: Полтавцева М.А., Хабаров А.Р.

  27. A concept of intersubjective response receiving to fuzzy queries to forging computer-aided process planning database
  28. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Муйземнек О.Ю., Канюков С.И.

  29. Tools for determining a linguistic-statistical affinity of languages using the turkic morpheme model
  30. Authors: Альменова А.Б.

  31. A method of automated development of the semantic dialogue system database model
  32. Authors: Посевкин Р.В.

  33. Information support of the development stage of solid dosage form composition
  34. Authors: Корнюшко В.Ф., Николаева О.М., Богунова И.В., Флид А.А., Гребенщиков А.А.

  35. Development of a database and a converter for retrieval and analysis of specialized data from a medical device
  36. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Ивлиев С.А.

  37. Module for morphological disambiguation: architecture and database organization
  38. Authors: Сулейманов Д.Ш., Мухамедшин Д.Р.

  39. Comparative analysis of DBMS for tourist social network
  40. Authors: Феоктистов Е.Ф.

  41. On the implementation of a multifunctional web-based system for recording and accounting the scientists’ intellectual activity
  42. Authors: Калёнов Н.Е., Власова С.А.

  43. An automated system for key terms analysis
  44. Authors: Калёнов Н.Е., Власова С.А.

  45. Using three-dimensional data cubes in the implementation of a business intelligence system
  46. Authors: Мурыгин А.В., Черныш Б.А.