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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Eremeev, A.P.

Ph.D (
National Research University “MPEI”
Author in:
  1. The temporal restrictions satisfaction methods in intelligent decision support systems of real time
  2. Co-authors: Митрофанов Д.Ю.
  3. Formation and developing the scientific school of artificial intelligence in Moscow power engineering institute
  4. Co-authors: Vagin V.N., Дзегеленок И.И., Колосов О.С., Фролов А.Б.
  5. Implementation possibilities of temporal database for intelligent systems
  6. Co-authors: Еремеев А.А., Пантелеев А.А.
  7. Integration of the OLAP technology and fuzzy sets for processing of uncertain and inexact data in decision support systems
  8. Co-authors: Еремеев А.А.
  9. Prototype of the diagnostic decision support system on the basis of integration bayesian belief networks and the Dempster–Shafer method
  10. Co-authors: Хазиев Р.Р., Зуева М.В., Цапенко И.В.
  11. Realization of intelligent systems of real time on the basis of the Petri nets with support of temporal dependences
  12. Co-authors: Королев Ю.И.
  13. Implementation of reinforcement learning methods based on temporal differences and a multi-agent approach for real-time intelligent systems
  14. Co-authors: A.A. Kozhukhov
  15. Ontology design based on non-relational database for intelligent decision support system for medical purposes
  16. Co-authors: S.A. Ivliev
  17. On the implementation of machine learning tools in real-time intelligent systems
  18. Co-authors: A.A. Kozhukhov , V.V. Golenkov, N.A. Gulyakina
  19. Development of a database and a converter for retrieval and analysis of specialized data from a medical device
  20. Co-authors: S.A. Ivliev
  21. Software implementation of the data mining module based on case-based reasoning for distributed intelligent systems
  22. Co-authors: Varshavskiy P.R., Polyakov S.A.
  23. Unification of a data presentation model and format conversion based on a non-relational Neo4j DBMS
  24. Co-authors: Paniavin N.A.
  25. Integration of reinforcement learning methods and fuzzy logic for intelligent real-time systems
  26. Co-authors: Sergeev, M.D., Petrov, V.S.