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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: data processing

  1. Authors: Лисецкий Ю.М.

  2. Method of intellectual processing of medical and biologic data
  3. Authors: Цыганкова И.А.

  4. Evolutionary method of ranking and classification of biological objects
  5. Authors: Цыганкова И.А.

  6. Interactive Data Language application for radiometric systems data processing
  7. Authors: Скрипачев В.О., Полушковский Ю.А., Стрельцов А.М.

  8. Development of an information processing prototype in respect of its cost
  9. Authors: Скрипачев В.О., Чулкин М.О.

  10. Hardware-software package for diagnostics of ionospheric condition according to characteristics of vlf transmitters
  11. Authors: Скрипачев В.О., Полушковский Ю.А., Назаренко А.С.

  12. Educational distributed control system for a wheeled mobile platform using video and sensor information
  13. Authors: Зотин А.Г., Саяпин А.В.

  14. Data analysis and processing to predict patients’ health status
  15. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Гордиенко М.Г., Иванов С.И., Матасов А.В.

  16. Automatic text classification methods
  17. Authors: Батура Т.В.

  18. The system for parallelizing the load on computer resources
  19. Authors: Пальчевский Е.В., Халиков А.Р.

  20. Uniform distribution of computing processes and network load by the physical and logical cluster cores in UNIX-like systems
  21. Authors: Пальчевский Е.В., Халиков А.Р.

  22. The development of a remote client for automated data transfer in UNIX-based systems
  23. Authors: Пальчевский Е.В., Халиков А.Р.

  24. Developing a self-learning method for a spiking neural network to protect against DDoS attacks
  25. Authors: Христодуло О.И., Пальчевский Е.В.

  26. Aspect extraction from scientific paper texts
  27. Authors: Батура Т.В., Бручес Е.П., Маршалова А.Э.