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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: DBMS

  1. Automated protection technology of the internet information service
  2. Authors: Алексеевский М.В.

  3. Search acceleration in indexes based on R-trees
  4. Authors: Чернов А.Ф.

  5. A method of artificial matching of SQL query to relational databases indexes
  6. Authors: Сорокин В.Е.

  7. Design principles for a converter that converts MS DOS projects into MS Windows projects
  8. Authors: Зенков В.В.

  9. About table inheritance effectiveness in PostgreSQL DBMS
  10. Authors: Сорокин В.Е.

  11. Database security: problems and prospects
  12. Authors: Полтавцева М.А., Хабаров А.Р.

  13. A software complex to manage and test a distributed database
  14. Authors: Тимофеева Н.Е., Полулях К.А.

  15. A corpus manager system: corpus data architecture and models
  16. Authors: Сулейманов Д.Ш., Мухамедшин Д.Р.

  17. Module for morphological disambiguation: architecture and database organization
  18. Authors: Сулейманов Д.Ш., Мухамедшин Д.Р.

  19. Comparative analysis of DBMS for tourist social network
  20. Authors: Феоктистов Е.Ф.

  21. Ontology processing in attributive access control in cyber-physical systems
  22. Authors: Полтавцева М.А.

  23. On-the-fly data clustering for the PostgreSQL database management system
  24. Authors: Татарникова Т.М.

  25. Modeling information processes of big data management systems to solve cybersecurity problems
  26. Authors: Полтавцева М.А., Зегжда Д.П.