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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Tatarnikova, T.M.

Ph.D (
Associate Professor, Professor
St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
Author in:
  1. Likelihood-time characteristics estimation of storage area networks
  2. Co-authors: Аль-Хаками Али Мохаммед Омар
  3. Model of evaluating time characteristics of solving a problem in a ship geoinformation system
  4. Co-authors: P.I. Smirnov, N.V. Yagotinceva
  5. A neural network method for detecting malicious programs on the Android platform
  6. Co-authors: A.M. Zhuravlev
  7. Energy consumption management in data storage process when choosing the size of a data physical block
  8. Co-authors: E.D. Poymanova
  9. Methodical support of designing a dynamic object geographic information systems infrastructure
  10. Co-authors: N.V. Yagotinceva
  11. The assessment approach to the transit drive holding capacity
  12. Co-authors: O.I. Kutuzov
  13. Development of a geoinformation systems protecting method and spatial data based on a neural network
  14. Co-authors: S.Yu. Stepanov , Ya.A. Petrov , A.Yu. Sidorenko
  15. Software environments for studying the basics of neural networks
  16. Co-authors: E.D. Poymanova, P.Yu. Bogdanov , E.V. Kraeva , S.A. Verevkin
  17. A simulation model for estimating the service life of the Internet of Things under the conditions of attacking effects emitting the node energy
  18. Co-authors: P.Yu. Bogdanov
  19. An addition to the clustering algorithm of a wireless sensor network
  20. Co-authors: Bimbetov F., Gorina E.V.
  21. Boundary values evaluation for average response time to an information system user request
  22. Co-authors: Shelest M.N.
  23. On-the-fly data clustering for the PostgreSQL database management system