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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: life cycle

  1. Authors: Дмитриевский Б.С., Матвейкин В.Г., Татаренко С.И., Панченко И.С.

  2. Bases of a rational choice electronic components of the foreign manufacture
  3. Authors: Ершов Л.А., Левин Р.Г., Уханов А.В., Панкратов В.К.

  4. Model of quality management information and educational resources
  5. Authors: Гусева А.И., Тихомирова А.Н., Гаврилов С.И.

  6. Status evaluation for software development project with deterministic life cycle structur
  7. Authors: Налютин Н.Ю., Синицын С.В., Давыдов А.А., Батаев А.В.

  8. Program complex of support life cycle the spatially-distributed systems
  9. Authors: Пикулин В.В., Веселовский А.М., Каряжкин А.А.

  10. Lifecycle management for informational business process
  11. Authors: Логинов И.В.

  12. Automated prediction calculations of operating costs of surface ships
  13. Authors: Кочнев В.В., Рожин К.Ю., Третьяков О.В.

  14. Information-simulation modeling system architecture for IT-infrastructure life cycle support
  15. Authors: Гришаков В.Г.

  16. Technological models for management of company automated control system development
  17. Authors: Логинов И.В.

  18. Modeling in computing clusters technical support system
  19. Authors: Гришаков В.Г., Фролов Д.В.

  20. Ship life cycle information support efficiency evaluation: an overview of the approach
  21. Authors: Третьяков О.В.

  22. Architecture and information technology tools software integrated logistics support industrial piping systems
  23. Authors: Мошев Е.Р.

  24. System analysis and decision-making on reengineering of corporate information management systems
  25. Authors: Шильникова О.В.

  26. A service model for military computer simulators
  27. Authors: Вус А.В.

  28. Models of enterprise information system support in lifecycle stages
  29. Authors: Лисецкий Ю.М.

  30. The core design of an integrated information system
  31. Authors: Черныш Б.А., Картамышев А.С.

  32. A GraphQL dynamic schema in integrated information system implementation
  33. Authors: Мурыгин А.В., Черныш Б.А.