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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: parallel computing

  1. Investigation of the MaLLBa library efficiency using max-sat problems
  2. Authors: Цыганов А.В., Булычов О.И., Лавыгин Д.С.

  3. Parallelization of cfd computations using block-structured grids
  4. Authors: Смирнов Е.М., Зайцев Д.К., Якубов С.А.

  5. HeО: metaheuristics library for combinatorial optimization problems
  6. Authors: Цыганов А.В., Булычов О.И.

  7. Solving global optimization problems in a distributed computing environment
  8. Authors: Посыпкин М.А.

  9. Parallel statespace generation for finite discrete models
  10. Authors: Коротков И.А.

  11. Real-time construction of 3d scene’s adaptive regular grid
  12. Authors: Мальцев А.В.

  13. The language for description of problem domain model in the software packages
  14. Authors: Опарин Г.А., Феоктистов А.Г., Горский С.А.

  15. Parallel computing toolkit for solving boolean equations on multi-core processors
  16. Authors: Опарин Г.А., Богданова В.Г.

  17. Modeling of warehousing: development and integration in Orlando Tools
  18. Authors: Горский С.А., Башарина О.Ю.

  19. Cellular automata modeling of dissolutiom proceses
  20. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Иванов С.И., Шипилова Д.Д.

  21. The method of parallel logical inference of consequences for propositional calculus
  22. Authors: Томчук М.Н., Страбыкин Д.А., Агалаков Е.В.

  23. Parallel algorithms designed for the strength analysis of hydrogen-charged structures
  24. Authors: Спевак Л.Ф., Федотов В.П., Нефедова О.А.

  25. Genetic algorithm for nfa state minimization problem
  26. Authors: Цыганов А.В.

  27. Studying the statistical properties of finite automata minimization algorithms using ReFaM
  28. Authors: Цыганов А.В., Винокуров С.Д., Ведин А.А.

  29. Model of concurrent execution of program. Estimares of execution time
  30. Authors: Биллиг В.А.

  31. Power systems adequacy analysis with usage of modern parallel computation software and hardware
  32. Authors: Полуботко Д.В., Чукреев Ю.Я., Чукреев М.Ю.

  33. Parallel computing in modeling solution process in micro level
  34. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Иванов С.И., Матасов А.В., Голубчиков М.А.

  35. “Parallel Matlab” cloud service
  36. Authors: Грибова В.В., Созыкин А.В., Гольдштейн М.Л., Москаленко Ф.М.

  37. Elastic-plastic deformation processes simulated by the modified boundary element method
  38. Authors: Спевак Л.Ф., Федотов В.П., Нефедова О.А.

  39. Type checking system for functional programming language FPTL
  40. Authors: Кутепов В.П., Бочаров И.А., Шамаль П.Н.

  41. Design of the sharepoint-based problem-oriented application interfaces for the URAN supercomputer
  42. Authors: Гольдштейн М.Л., Ермаков Д.Г.

  43. A software package designed to solve the potential theory problems by the boundary element method
  44. Authors: Спевак Л.Ф., Федотов В.П., Нефедова О.А.

  45. Ambiguous semantics and incorrectness when working with C# threads
  46. Authors: Биллиг В.А.

  47. Parallel calculations as a way to increase the efficiency of computing aerodynamic problem solutions
  48. Authors: Шамаева О.Ю., Буренков С.А.

  49. Parallel computing when implementing web-based pattern recognition tools based on use case methods
  50. Authors: Фомин В.В., Александров И.В.

  51. A hybrid algorithm for solving optimization problems of computer-aided design and its software implementation
  52. Authors: Тарасов В.Б., Гладков Л.А., Лейба С.Н.

  53. Graphical shell development for parallel calculations based on the OpenFOAM platform
  54. Authors: Читалов Д.И.

  55. Simulation of a collision of two atoms over a condensed phase surface
  56. Authors: Плетнев Л.В., Желтов С.А.

  57. Simulation of three atoms collision after the concurrent emission from the condensed phase surface
  58. Authors: Желтов С.А.

  59. A filtration model and parallel computing of the blood flow characteristics in the circulatory system in case of an occluding circular clot
  60. Authors: Конюхов В.М., Храмченков М.Г., Конюхов И.В.

  61. A method of deformation of functionally defined objects using graphics processing units
  62. Authors: Долговесов Б.С., Вяткин С.И.