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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: ontology

  1. Ontology’s for realization of reverse tracing at development and maintenance of programs
  2. Authors: Рогальчук В.В., Хомоненко А.Д.

  3. Specifications as ontologies
  4. Authors: Манцивода А.В., Стукушин Н.О.

  5. Use of ontology in forecasting business development
  6. Authors: Извозчикова В.В., Матвейкин И.В., Тюков Н.И.

  7. Semiautomatic semantic annotation of multimedia assets
  8. Authors: Тюхов Б.П., Новиков С.В.

  9. Extending knowledge base with consideration of trust for new knowledge
  10. Authors: Новиков С.В.

  11. Multi-agent system of manufacturing execution management in heavy engineering industry
  12. Authors: Иващенко А.В., Андреев М.В., Скобелев П.О., Кривенок С.А.

  13. Approach to implementing automated search ontological information source
  14. Authors: Чохонелидзе А.Н., Богданов Д.В.

  15. Persistent ontology storage technologies
  16. Authors: Вехорев М.Н., Пантелеев М.Г.

  17. Some peculiarities of ontology building for multiagent system of intrashop planning
  18. Authors: Андреев М.В.

  19. Software package for cloud virtual environments development
  20. Authors: Грибова В.В., Федорищев Л.А.

  21. Automation of student knowledge assessment in the ECOLE elearning system
  22. Authors: Муромцев Д.И., Козлов Ф.А.

  23. A subsystem for reproducing immersive virtual simulators with biofeedback
  24. Authors: Грибова В.В., Стрекалев В.О.