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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: the automated information system

  1. Authors: Ярушкина Н.Г., Чекина Е.В.

  2. Monitor oriented programming as a part of controlled execution
  3. Authors: Галатенко В.А., Шмырев Н.В., Костюхин К.А.

  4. Development of taught dedicated information retrieval system
  5. Authors: Попова И.В., Субочев А.В.

  6. Objects detection algorithm for permanent monitoring
  7. Authors: Куракин А.Л.

  8. Universal software system for monitoring of technological processes
  9. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Пакшвер Э.А., Козлов А.В.

  10. Workflow with flexible transitions of stellar type
  11. Authors: Вышенский С.В., Дубенская Ю.Ю.

  12. Implementation method for interactive monitoring systems based on flexible workflows
  13. Authors: Вышенский С.В., Дубенская Ю.Ю., Григорьев П.В.

  14. The state orders market monitoring information system with the possibility of multi-criteria search, management decision support and results personalization
  15. Authors: Горюнов И.Г., Пономарев С.А., Сытник Д.А.

  16. Banking institution corporate multiservice network. Construction example
  17. Authors: Лисецкий Ю.М.

  18. Metamonitoring system for high-performance computing environment
  19. Authors: Опарин Г.А., Новопашин А.П., Сидоров И.А., Скоров В.В.

  20. A method for a product technical level assessment based on reclamations monitoring in the prodaction quality management system
  21. Authors: Арефьев И.Б., Клавдиев А.А., Воловик А.В.

  22. Expert system for monitoring of technological processes
  23. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Пакшвер Э.А., Козлов А.В., Буров А.Н.

  24. Search algorithm of optimal sensors location for solving the space monitoring problem
  25. Authors: Кочкаров А.А., Яцкин Д.В.

  26. Software for spatial navigation and monitoring based on visual odometry algorithm
  27. Authors: Кочкаров А.А., Калинов И.А.

  28. Multiprocess system debugging problems
  29. Authors: Галатенко В.А., Костюхин К.А.

  30. Method of managing order projects package at a defence contractor
  31. Authors: Допира Р.В., Семенов В.Ю., Ягольников Д.В.

  32. A program of modeling wire temperature and power losses based on operation and atmospheric factors
  33. Authors: Баламетов А.Б., Халилов Э.Д., Байрамов М.П., Агаханова К.А.

  34. Development of the case-based reasoning module for identification of acoustic-emission monitoring signals of complex technical objects
  35. Authors: Варшавский П.Р., Алехин Р.В., Кожевников А.В.

  36. Automated decision support system for predicting the dispersion of chemically hazardous substances
  37. Authors: Матвеев Ю.Н., Чернышев Л.О.

  38. Diagnosing the functional suitability of developing multifunctional automated systems based on a reconfigurable model
  39. Authors: Логинов И.В.