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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: programming

  1. Authors: Нечаев П.Д., Кораблин Ю.П.

  2. Authors: Шабанов Б.М., Телегин П.Н., Аладышев О.С.

  3. The scheduling procedure as an integral-valued problem, for groups with one topical course
  4. Authors: Шевелев С.Б.

  5. Universum technique using description of process of software development
  6. Authors: Масликов В.И.

  7. System of test assignment automated genaration
  8. Authors: Алсынбаева Л.Г.

  9. Source code generator for real-time systems
  10. Authors: Нархов К.Г.

  11. Parallel processing in software systems for planning the use of airspace
  12. Authors: Григорьев В.А., Тимофеев С.Ю.

  13. Techniques provided fof valnerabilities reduction in special real time software
  14. Authors: Нархов К.Г.

  15. Complex of the programs and algorithm of calculation of the fractal dimensions and a linear trend of the time series
  16. Authors: Цветков И.В., Крылова О.И.

  17. Simulation modeling of the pneumo-hidro-mechanical system in a computer simulator
  18. Authors: Иванов В.В., Лаленков В.А.

  19. Adaptive fuzzy systems on FOREL class taxonomy
  20. Authors: Щекин В.П., Черный С.Г., Бордюг А.С.

  21. Aspect-oriented programming as an approach to improve the efficiency of IT projects economic performance
  22. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Гончаров А.А.

  23. Integrated development of software and hardware components of the frequency converter filter for operating in power-limited ship networks
  24. Authors: Черный С.Г., Соболев А.С.