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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: interface

  1. Authors: Черткова Е.А., Тучков В.И., Шевырин А.Е.

  2. Software evaluation of chemical environment in emergency situations
  3. Authors: Матвеев Ю.Н.

  4. Tablet computer for outfit of the industrial enterprise workplaces
  5. Authors: Матвеев А.И.

  6. Interface for study of sub-riemannian geodesics on 3d Lie groups
  7. Authors: Сачков Ю.Л., Ардентов А.А., Маштаков А.П., Бесчастный И.Ю.

  8. The object-oriented programming trends in the design of KuMir
  9. Authors: Леонов А.Г.

  10. Interactive Data Language application for radiometric systems data processing
  11. Authors: Скрипачев В.О., Полушковский Ю.А., Стрельцов А.М.

  12. Hardware-software package for diagnostics of ionospheric condition according to characteristics of vlf transmitters
  13. Authors: Скрипачев В.О., Полушковский Ю.А., Назаренко А.С.

  14. The information support for space experiments
  15. Authors: Обыденов С.С., Андреев Д.А., Степанов В.В.

  16. The software of the automated training control system for operators of ergotechnical radio-electronic means
  17. Authors: Допира Р.В., Потапов А.Н., Дикарев В.А., Пахомов В.С.

  18. Domain-specific languages for testing web applications
  19. Authors: Федоренков В.Г., Балакшин П.В.

  20. The software for the subsystem of quality control of manufactured products using intelligent algorithms
  21. Authors: Гришин Е.С.

  22. The core design of an integrated information system
  23. Authors: Черныш Б.А., Картамышев А.С.

  24. A GraphQL dynamic schema in integrated information system implementation
  25. Authors: Мурыгин А.В., Черныш Б.А.

  26. Semiotic network editing software for robot control systems
  27. Authors: Сорокоумов П.С., Ровбо М.А.