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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: the software

  1. Authors: Налютин Н.Ю., Синицын С.В.

  2. Authors: Попов Д.В.

  3. Authors: Потапов И.В.

  4. Authors: Егоров А.Ф., Савицкая Т.В., Михайлова П.Г.

  5. Authors: Цыганкова И.А.

  6. Authors: Базлов А.Ф., Максимов М.А., Гурьева И.С., Смирнова Л.Н.

  7. Authors: Цирлин А.М., Григоревский И.Н.

  8. Ontology’s for realization of reverse tracing at development and maintenance of programs
  9. Authors: Рогальчук В.В., Хомоненко А.Д.

  10. Use of characterization management for modelling of decision-making process
  11. Authors: Гусева А.И., Тихомирова А.Н., Сидоренко Е.В.

  12. Planning of tasks with synchronous start
  13. Authors: Грюнталь А.И.

  14. Realization of the competition models in the software
  15. Authors: Степанов Л.В.

  16. Machine vision system in mobile object navigation challenges
  17. Authors: Миронов С.В., Юдин А.В.

  18. Developing lowcoupled software for project designs quality assessment
  19. Authors: Веселовский А.М.

  20. Automated design system of artificial neural network
  21. Authors: Чернов А.В., Белявский Г.И., Пучков Е.В.

  22. Locally defined planning disciplines
  23. Authors: Грюнталь А.И.

  24. A complex of problem-oriented programs for analysis of micro photo images of nanocomposites texture FRA_VA_T
  25. Authors: Мешалкин В.П., Галаев А.Б., Бутусов О.Б.

  26. Program complex for identification of float glass spot defects
  27. Authors: Мешалкин В.П., Петров Д.Ю., Иващенко В.А., Ефимов И.В.

  28. Development of mathematical models and cae for process control of continuous casting of non-ferrous metals
  29. Authors: Жиганов Н.К., Фомина Е.Е., Вольнов И.Н.

  30. Software for plastic cards personalization systems
  31. Authors: Заложнев А.Ю., Чистов Д.В., Ломнев В.С.

  32. On power tracing distribution in electric networks
  33. Authors: Баламетов А.Б., Халилов Э.Д., Исаева Т.М., Исгендеров Ф.Г.

  34. Algorithms for equipment reliability test in an automatic control system
  35. Authors: Русин А.Ю., Абдулхамед М., Барышев Я.В.

  36. Soil & Environment as a tool for soil environmental functions evaluation
  37. Authors: Анхелес Гайегос-Тавера, Франциско Батиста, Дубровина И.А.

  38. A software suite to determine the parameters of three-phase alternating current electric arcs burning in a horizontal surface
  39. Authors: Ячиков И.М., Костылева Е.М.

  40. Development of an educational course ontological model for distance learning systems
  41. Authors: Зеленко Л.С., Шумская Е.А.

  42. A methodology for constructing software architecture of energy efficient management plans for MIMO process facilities on a set of functioning states
  43. Authors: Муромцев Д.Ю., Тюрин И.В., Грибков А.Н., Шамкин В.Н.

  44. Algorithm of the controller of electromagnetic process control in a long line
  45. Authors: Льготчиков В.В., Денисов В.Н., Ларькина Т.С.

  46. Specialized software of the measuring system for the operative estimating the spectral composition of multicomponent processes
  47. Authors: Якимов В.Н., Машков А.В., Желонкин А.В.

  48. Domain-specific languages for testing web applications
  49. Authors: Федоренков В.Г., Балакшин П.В.

  50. Modeling and analysis of programs for multidimensional interval-logic controllers
  51. Authors: Антипин А.Ф., Антипина Е.В.

  52. Software for automation of the search process for kinetic parameters of chemical reactions
  53. Authors: Антипин А.Ф., Антипина Е.В., Мустафина С.А.

  54. The software for diagnosis of race in forensic medicine and criminalistics practice
  55. Authors: Фомина Е.Е., Звягин В.Н., Галицкая О.И., Нарина Н.В., Усачева Л.Л.

  56. About software for planning measures to reduce power losses from current asymmetry in 0,4 kV networks
  57. Authors: Баламетов А.Б., Салимова А.К., Гаджиев Н.И., Баламетов Э.А.

  58. A web-based content generation system for a common digital space of scientific knowledge
  59. Authors: Сотников А.Н., Калёнов Н.Е., Власова С.А.

  60. A software package for marking and unified description of an individual's face from a photo image
  61. Authors: Фомина Е.Е., Звягин В.Н., Нарина Н.В., Усачева Л.Л.

  62. A computer system for developing digital information models of oil recycling processes
  63. Authors: Чистякова Т.Б., Фураев Д.Н.

  64. Developing the Expert system as a tool to form encyclopedias and to fill the Common digital space of scientific knowledge
  65. Authors: Сотников А.Н., Калёнов Н.Е., Власова С.А.

  66. A software computing suite for simulating effects from coronating wires of overhead AC lines
  67. Authors: Баламетов А.Б., Халилов Э.Д., Исаева Т.М.

  68. Implementing a system for searching for illegal financial services on the Internet based on a microservice architecture
  69. Authors: Кочнев А.А.

  70. A software package for personal identification by step cycle characteristics
  71. Authors: Фомина Е.Е., Леонов С.В.