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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: multi-agent systems

  1. Authors: Маслобоев А.В., Шишаев М.Г.

  2. Multi-agent system of manufacturing execution management in heavy engineering industry
  3. Authors: Иващенко А.В., Андреев М.В., Скобелев П.О., Кривенок С.А.

  4. Distributed case-based reasoning system architecture for intelligent systems
  5. Authors: Бредихин К.Н., Варшавский П.Р.

  6. Planning problems solving in coalition model
  7. Authors: Зраенко А.С., Федотов В.П., Аксенов К.А.

  8. Multiagent system of information retrievial for industrial enterprise
  9. Authors: Швецов А.Н., Летовальцев В.И.

  10. Artificial world's: spatial organization principles
  11. Authors: Кольчугина Е.А.

  12. VMASTER – environment for probabilistic multiagent system development and verification
  13. Authors: Лебедев П.В.

  14. Artificial worlds: temporal organization principles
  15. Authors: Кольчугина Е.А.

  16. Social processes modeling and multi-agent approach
  17. Authors: Копылова Н.С., Мурзин Ф.А., Курков И.А.

  18. Multiagent systems verification with markov chains: probability estimation of optimal solution finding by agents
  19. Authors: Зайцев И.Д.

  20. IACPaaS cloud platform for the development of intelligent service shells: current state and future evolution
  21. Authors: Клещев А.С., Тимченко В.А., Грибова В.В., Федорищев Л.А., Москаленко Ф.М., Шалфеева Е.А.

  22. A formal model of multiagent systems for federated learning
  23. Authors: Холод И.И., Юлейси Г.П.

  24. Classification of common design patterns for multi-agent systems
  25. Authors: Чернышев С.А.