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Publication date:
19 June 2023

Keyword: modeling

  1. Authors: Ветров А.Н.

  2. Authors: Тихомиров В.А., Карпов И.А., Тихомирова Е.В.

  3. Authors: Жиганов Н.К., Фомина Е.Е.

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  11. Authors: Сапожников С.И.

  12. Authors: Левкин Ю.М., Левкина С.Ю.

  13. Authors: Иванов Л.Н., Мезенцев Ю.А.

  14. Authors: Скуридин Д.Г.

  15. Authors: Ячиков И.М., Манагаров В.Н.

  16. Authors: Стецко А.А., Тронин В.Г.;Стецко А.А., Тронин В.Г.

  17. Authors: Русинов И.А.

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  19. Authors: Мадера А.Г.

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  22. Authors: Лёшина М.А.

  23. Authors: Ишанин А.В.

  24. Authors: Русинов И.А.

  25. Authors: Баталина А.М., Епифанов М.Е.

  26. Authors: Шабанов Б.М., Телегин П.Н., Аладышев О.С.

  27. Authors: Алюшин С.А., Ильинский Н.И.

  28. Some characteristic property of a peat fire risk control based on gis-technology
  29. Authors: Ветров А.Н.

  30. Simulation of loss of stability of the bottom area of the profile in the software package ANSYS
  31. Authors: Левщанов В.В.

  32. Complex for modelling chart of utilization waste energies
  33. Authors: Оленников А.А., Оленников Е.А., Цымбал В.П.

  34. Usage grid-technologies for video surveillance data storage system
  35. Authors: Ососков Г.А., Нечаевский А.В.

  36. Intellectual tutoring based on the development and use of tutoring integrated expert systems
  37. Authors: Рыбина Г.В., Степанов Л.С., Семенов А.В., Нистратов О.В.

  38. Program complex planning production on small business
  39. Authors: Арендателева С.И.

  40. Implementation and investigation of hybryd genetic programming method
  41. Authors: Семенкин Е.С., Бухтояров В.В.

  42. Intelligence software of technological processes design
  43. Authors: Бурдо Г.Б.

  44. The software to control systems dynamics researching
  45. Authors: Бильфельд Н.В.

  46. Source code generator for real-time systems
  47. Authors: Нархов К.Г.

  48. Near-earth orbit flight simulation in a space training system
  49. Authors: Тимохин П.Ю.

  50. Web 2.0 simulation environment of dynamical systems
  51. Authors: Жевнерчук Д.В., Аристов А.В.

  52. Model of radiation effects from heavy charged particles In CMOS elements of microchips
  53. Authors: Беляева Т.П., Зольников К.В., Таперо К.И., Смерек В.А.

  54. Business processes and administrative regulations management system
  55. Authors: Михеев А.Г., Орлов М.В.

  56. The simulation program of electronic equipment under shock impact
  57. Authors: Талицкий Е.Н., Шумарин С.В., Белов Д.И.

  58. Software system of detection the anomalies of form of railway lines
  59. Authors: Соломаха Г.М., Уманский В.И.

  60. Modeling of biosynthesis optimal conditions
  61. Authors: Гордеева Ю.Л.

  62. Strategy as basis for financial management
  63. Authors: Власова Е.А.

  64. Modeling of warehousing: development and integration in Orlando Tools
  65. Authors: Горский С.А., Башарина О.Ю.

  66. Verilog-A compact model of graphene field-effect transistor
  67. Authors: Целыковский А.А., Данилов И.А., Зебрев Г.И.

  68. Cellular automata modeling of dissolutiom proceses
  69. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Иванов С.И., Шипилова Д.Д.

  70. Program choice of technological regimes of discrete-continuous casting of non-ferrous metals and their al-loys
  71. Authors: Жиганов Н.К., Фомина Е.Е.

  72. Expert-modeling systems in the IT-infrastructure management
  73. Authors: Логинов И.В., Христенко Д.В.

  74. Model for calculating the capacity of the automatic warehouse
  75. Authors: Русяев А.С., Русяева Т.О.

  76. Templet – method of process oriented simulation of parallelism
  77. Authors: Востокин С.В.

  78. Techniques provided fof valnerabilities reduction in special real time software
  79. Authors: Нархов К.Г.

  80. About a method of knowledge representation
  81. Authors: Бронфельд Г.Б.

  82. Computing and modeling of fuzzy Cauchy problem using virtual perspective method
  83. Authors: Мышев А.В.

  84. A fuzzy cognitive map as a tool to model innovation at the regional level
  85. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Какатунова Т.В.

  86. Software complex for modeling object motion with impact barrier
  87. Authors: Манжосов В.К., Новиков Д.А.

  88. Software determination of the degree of transient processes attenuation with simulink-models
  89. Authors: Бильфельд Н.В.

  90. Method of modeling the process of air facilities detection by ground surveillance radar in conditions of active noise jamming
  91. Authors: Смолкин М.А., Бондарев С.К., Датнова Л.В., Куликов В.Н.

  92. The algorithm and program for calculating the sands stress-strain state under cyclic loading
  93. Authors: Миронов В.А., Софьин О.Е.

  94. Endovascular surgery simulation training software
  95. Authors: Иващенко А.В., Колсанов А.В., Яремин Б.И., Воронин А.С., Черепанов А.С., Сапцин Н.В.

  96. Laparoscopic surgery simulation training software
  97. Authors: Иващенко А.В., Кузьмин А.В., Колсанов А.В., Чаплыгин С.С., Горбаченко Н.А., Милюткин М.Г.

  98. Формализация задачи обучения персонала средствами систем имитации визуальной обстановки
  99. Authors: Чуланов А.О., Бондарь Е.М., Шабуров Д.В.

  100. The onboard module for information support of the international space station crew
  101. Authors: Кравченко С.И.

  102. Virtual user manuals for the onboard scientifical experiments in the international space station
  103. Authors: Кравченко С.И., Жук Е.И., Обыденов С.С., Потоцкая А.С.

  104. Program to solve the optimal ball reorientation problem
  105. Authors: Бесчастный И.Ю.

  106. A model of the information security events choice based on fuzzy automata
  107. Authors: Борисов В.В., Гончаров М.М.

  108. Information-simulation modeling system architecture for IT-infrastructure life cycle support
  109. Authors: Гришаков В.Г.

  110. Analog modeling of electromagnetic fields based on electrotechnical devices
  111. Authors: Васильева О.В.

  112. Methods and algorithms for determining the position and orientation uav using on-board videocameras
  113. Authors: Степанов Д.Н.

  114. Method of modeling the detection process of air facilities by ground surveillance radar under the impact of passive jamming
  115. Authors: Бондарев С.К., Датнова Л.В., Куликов В.Н., Шароглазов В.Б.

  116. Human behavior simulation based on the subjective view of choice situation
  117. Authors: Виноградов Г.П.

  118. Adaptive fuzzy systems on FOREL class taxonomy
  119. Authors: Щекин В.П., Черный С.Г., Бордюг А.С.

  120. Algorithm and software calculations of biotechnological processes with substrate and biomass recirculation
  121. Authors: Макаров В.В., Гордеев Л.С., Гордеева Ю.Л., Щербинин  М.Ю.

  122. An approach to modeling of parameters optimization for satellite system elliptical orbits
  123. Authors: Доронкина А.Н.

  124. A software system for studying of the dynamics of technological processes of chemical fiber spinning
  125. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Удалов Е.В., Хабаров А.Р.

  126. The information support for space experiments
  127. Authors: Обыденов С.С., Андреев Д.А., Степанов В.В.

  128. The approach to modeling, scaling-up and optimization of bioreactors based on computational fluid dynamics
  129. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Гусева Е.В., Сафаров Р.Р., Будран Ж.

  130. On power tracing distribution in electric networks
  131. Authors: Баламетов А.Б., Халилов Э.Д., Исаева Т.М., Исгендеров Ф.Г.

  132. A microcontroller for a fuzzy control system in a sensorless BLDC drive
  133. Authors: Льготчиков В.В., Горчаков Д.В.

  134. Fuzzy logic in a sensorless valve electric drive
  135. Authors: Льготчиков В.В., Горчаков Д.В.

  136. Simulator programs for temperature fields in flat form products
  137. Authors: Марголис Б.И.

  138. A software suite for simulating drugs dissolution kinetics
  139. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Гордиенко М.Г., Иванов С.И., Матасов А.В., Типцова И.А., Синица Е.А.

  140. Training software to perform technological calculations
  141. Authors: Валько Д.В.

  142. Scientific and technical computing system mathcad to design and analyze differentiated teaching load models
  143. Authors: Шахова Е.Ю.

  144. Program for heat conditions identification in flat products
  145. Authors: Марголис Б.И.

  146. On modeling of electricity nodal prices
  147. Authors: Халилов Э.Д.

  148. Comparison of DLA and RLA porous structure modelling algorithms
  149. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Иванов С.И., Тыртышников А.Ю., Лебедев И.В.

  150. An automation technology and means for regional security control process simulation
  151. Authors: Маслобоев А.В., Путилов В.А.

  152. Adequate interdisciplinary models in forecasting time series of statistical data
  153. Authors: Пранов Б.М.

  154. Modeling nanoporous structures of silica-resorcinol-formaldehyde aerogels
  155. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Иванов С.И., Тыртышников А.Ю., Лебедев И.В.

  156. Modeling traffic flows in AnyLogic
  157. Authors: Шамлицкий Я.И., Охота А.С., Мироненко С.Н.

  158. Programs for simulating temperature fields in cylindrical products
  159. Authors: Марголис Б.И., Мансур Губран Али

  160. Forecasting time series of infectious morbidity
  161. Authors: Тарасова С.А.

  162. Modeling and analysis of programs for multidimensional interval-logic controllers
  163. Authors: Антипин А.Ф., Антипина Е.В.

  164. Modeling programs and temperature field identification in sort glassware
  165. Authors: Марголис Б.И., Мансур Г.А.

  166. Simulation of a collision of two atoms over a condensed phase surface
  167. Authors: Плетнев Л.В., Желтов С.А.

  168. Trajectory modeling space object in range Mathcad discovery complexes
  169. Authors: Калинин Т.В., Хрестинин Д.В., Куликов С.В., Кознев А.С.

  170. Lorentz attractor simulation
  171. Authors: Золкин А.Л., Филиппов Ф.В., Струев А.М.

  172. Simulation of three atoms collision after the concurrent emission from the condensed phase surface
  173. Authors: Желтов С.А.

  174. Integrated development of software and hardware components of the frequency converter filter for operating in power-limited ship networks
  175. Authors: Черный С.Г., Соболев А.С.