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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: machine learning

  1. Segmentation of regions of interest based on isolines classification
  2. Authors: Сенюкова О.В., Галанин В.Е.

  3. Transductive learning logistic regression for the text classification problem
  4. Authors: Фальк В.Н., Бочаров И.А., Шаграев А.Г.

  5. A software package for inductive formation of medical knowledge bases
  6. Authors: Смагин С.В.

  7. Modeling of placing service-oriented applications in a software-defined infrastructure of the virtual data center
  8. Authors: Решетников В.Н., Болодурина И.П., Парфёнов Д.И.

  9. Automatic text classification methods
  10. Authors: Батура Т.В.

  11. Parallel computing when implementing web-based pattern recognition tools based on use case methods
  12. Authors: Фомин В.В., Александров И.В.

  13. Anaphor resolution system development based on machine learning methods
  14. Authors: Батура Т.В., Соколов А.В.

  15. A method for improving interpretability of regression models based on a three-step building cognition model
  16. Authors: Куликовских И.М.

  17. Development of a simulation model for hydroelectric set process values for training operation staff
  18. Authors: Никулина А.В., Зеленко Л.С.

  19. Anomaly prediction in tensioning devices operation of a color coating line of metal under conditions of small number of failures
  20. Authors: Варфоломеев И.А., Ершов Е.В., Шаханов Н.И., Юдина О.В.

  21. On the implementation of machine learning tools in real-time intelligent systems
  22. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Кожухов А.А., Голенков В.В., Гулякина Н.А.

  23. Research on compression of raster images using artificial neural networks
  24. Authors: Генов А.А., Осипов В.В., Русаков К.Д., Моисеев А.А.

  25. A neural network method for detecting malicious programs on the Android platform
  26. Authors: Татарникова Т.М., Журавлев А.М.

  27. A constructive learning method for artificial neural networks with weighted rates
  28. Authors: Казаков М.А.

  29. Item-based recommender system with statistical learning for unauthorized customers
  30. Authors: Филипьев А.В.

  31. Neural network user behavior analysis for detecting host-level intrusion
  32. Authors: Ефимов А.Ю., Зуев В.Н.

  33. A method of identifying technical condition radio engineering means using artificial neural network technologies
  34. Authors: Допира Р.В., Ягольников Д.В., Шведун А.А., Яночкин И.Е.

  35. Machine learning to predict the supercomputer jobs execution time
  36. Authors: Баранов А.В., Николаев Д.С.

  37. Setting up and training a multilayer perceptron for the problem of highlighting the road surface in the city space images
  38. Authors: Тормозов В.С., Василенко К.А., Золкин А.Л.

  39. Support vector method modification development for solving the classification problem with domain restrictions
  40. Authors: Михайлов И.С., Зеар Аунг, Йе Тху Аунг

  41. The software for the subsystem of quality control of manufactured products using intelligent algorithms
  42. Authors: Гришин Е.С.

  43. Network anomalies detection by deep learning
  44. Authors: Зуев В.Н.

  45. The adaptation of the LSTM neural network model to solve the pattern recognition complex problem
  46. Authors: Тормозов В.С.

  47. The analysis model and prediction of technological parameters for the process of electron beam welding
  48. Authors: Тынченко В.С., Петренко В.Е., Курашкин С.О., Головенок И.А.

  49. The program for forming a stack of artificial intelligence methods to solve applied problems
  50. Authors: Пучков А.Ю., Лобанева Е.И., Василькова М.А.

  51. The adaptive image classification method using reinforcement learning
  52. Authors: Елизаров А.А.

  53. Automating the assessment of the power grid state in remote areas of Russia using smart structures
  54. Authors: Шевнина Ю.С.

  55. Automated detection and classification of objects in the traffic flow on satellite images of the city
  56. Authors: Тормозов В.С.

  57. Developing universal framework design for federated learning
  58. Authors: Холод И.И., Ефремов М.А.

  59. Forecasting technological trends based on the heterogeneous data analysis
  60. Authors: Кравец А.Г., Нгуен Тхань Вьет

  61. Applying artificial neural networks in automatic control systems for magnetic levitation
  62. Authors: Коробейников А.Г.

  63. Terms extraction from texts of scientific papers
  64. Authors: Батура Т.В., Бручес Е.П., Дементьева Я.Ю.

  65. Aspect extraction from scientific paper texts
  66. Authors: Батура Т.В., Бручес Е.П., Маршалова А.Э.

  67. Modeling the intelligent agent behavior based on machine learning methods in competition models
  68. Authors: Парыгин Д.С., Анохин А.О., Садовникова Н.П., Финогеев А.А., Гуртяков А.С.

  69. Finding an optimal letter set for stylistic classification of literary texts by a statistical index method
  70. Authors: Горбич Л.Г.