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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: multiagents systems

  1. Authors: Ковалев И.В., Джиоева Н.Н., Карасева М.В.

  2. Model of decision-making by the intellectual agent
  3. Authors: Виноградов Г.П.

  4. Basic stages of training system development basic stages
  5. Authors: Трембач В.М.

  6. Human behavior simulation based on the subjective view of choice situation
  7. Authors: Виноградов Г.П.

  8. The integrated system for structured physical knowledge processing
  9. Authors: Фоменков С.А., Яровенко В.А.

  10. Goal-resource networks
  11. Authors: Дюндюков В.С.

  12. Synergetics of information-cognitive interaction in intelligent robotic systems with remote knowledge exchange
  13. Authors: Ульянов С.В., Решетников А.Г.

  14. A software system for identification of a harmonization degree of creative decisions of intellectual agents
  15. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Кузнецов В.Н., Клюшин А.Ю., Мутовкина Н.Ю.

  16. A model of modification of intelligent agents types in the AnyLogic system dynamics methodology
  17. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Мутовкина Н.Ю.

  18. An automation technology and means for regional security control process simulation
  19. Authors: Маслобоев А.В., Путилов В.А.

  20. The algorithm for recognizing situations in a distributed video surveillance system
  21. Authors: Кручинин А.Ю., Колмыков Д.В., Галимов Р.Р.

  22. The specialization problem in hierarchical learning control systems for the foraging problem
  23. Authors: Ровбо М.А., Овсянникова Е.Е.

  24. Agent-based models, methods and tools for the development of compatible problem-solvers for intelligent systems
  25. Authors: Шункевич Д.В., Голенков В.В.

  26. Network enterprises: Production and business process models based on multi-agent systems
  27. Authors: Тельнов Ю.Ф., Казаков В.А., Данилов А.В., Брызгалов А.А.