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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: neural network

  1. Authors: Потапов И.В.

  2. Authors: Комиссарчик В.Ф., Зуев В.Н., Киселев А.Н.

  3. Authors: Титов А.М.

  4. Authors: Виноградов Г.П., Мальков А.А.

  5. Neural network system of the brain tumor diagnostics
  6. Authors: Дмитриев Г.А., Кирсанова А.В.

  7. Working out of the program complex adaptive neuro-forecasting
  8. Authors: Пятковский О.И., Авдеев А.С.

  9. Neural network model for financial data forecasting
  10. Authors: Кратович П.В.

  11. Evaluation of innovative potential of organizations of the region based on hybrid expert systems
  12. Authors: Пятковский О.И., Тишков О.И.

  13. Model of decision-making by the intellectual agent
  14. Authors: Виноградов Г.П.

  15. Prediction based on the allocation of border implementations of dynamic systems
  16. Authors: Сидоркина И.Г., Егошин А.В., Шумков Д.С.

  17. Neural networks and ARIMA models for stock series forecasting
  18. Authors: Кратович П.В.

  19. Automated design system of artificial neural network
  20. Authors: Чернов А.В., Белявский Г.И., Пучков Е.В.

  21. Application of small digit capacity numbers in binary optimization problem
  22. Authors: Крыжановский М.В., Мальсагов М.Ю.

  23. Neural-fuzzy method for reducing the sensitivity of inverse problems to the variation data
  24. Authors: Абраменкова И.В., Пучков А.Ю., Павлов Д.А.

  25. Intellectual system of control and monitoring of the gas boiler-house
  26. Authors: Белоусов О.А., Иванов С.В.

  27. Variants constructions of algorithm search solution of inverse problems using neural networks
  28. Authors: Пучков А.Ю., Павлов Д.А.

  29. Multifunctional simulator of neural networks
  30. Authors: Солдатова О.П.

  31. Evolutionary three-stage approach for designing of neural networks ensembles for classification problems
  32. Authors: Бухтояров В.В.

  33. A model for design of ensembles of intelligent information technologies for detecting information security incidents
  34. Authors: Бухтояров В.В., Жуков В.Г.

  35. Prospects for applying hybrid forecasting of performance of the Russian Federation state program
  36. Authors: Ярушев С.А., Аверкин А.Н.

  37. On one method of blood cell classification and its software implementation
  38. Authors: Захаров А.В., Кольцов П.П., Котович Н.В., Кравченко A.А., Куцаев A.С., Осипов A.С., Беляков В.К., Сухенко Е.П., Кузнецов А.Б.

  39. Double-layer vector perceptron for binary pattern recognition
  40. Authors: Мальсагов М.Ю., Крыжановский В.М., Желавская И.С.

  41. Forecasting stock price growth using feedforward neural networks
  42. Authors: Лесик И.А.

  43. Neural network approach to evaluate a characteristic exponent of Levy process on Bandorff-Nilsen distribution example
  44. Authors: Белявский Г.И., Пучков Е.В., Лила В.Б.

  45. Intelligent information system for retail demand forecasting and inventory optimization
  46. Authors: Грицай А.А.

  47. Educational distributed control system for a wheeled mobile platform using video and sensor information
  48. Authors: Зотин А.Г., Саяпин А.В.

  49. Data analysis and processing to predict patients’ health status
  50. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Гордиенко М.Г., Иванов С.И., Матасов А.В.

  51. Automatic text classification methods
  52. Authors: Батура Т.В.

  53. Scene geometry for detector precision improvement
  54. Authors: Конушин А.С., Шальнов Е.В.

  55. Cognitive hybrid systems for decision support and forecasting
  56. Authors: Ярушев С.А., Аверкин А.Н., Павлов В.Ю.

  57. The approaches to identification of network flows and organization of traffic routes in a virtual data center based on a neural network
  58. Authors: Болодурина И.П., Парфёнов Д.И.

  59. A neural network method for detecting malicious programs on the Android platform
  60. Authors: Татарникова Т.М., Журавлев А.М.

  61. A hybrid algorithm for solving optimization problems of computer-aided design and its software implementation
  62. Authors: Тарасов В.Б., Гладков Л.А., Лейба С.Н.

  63. Development of a database and a converter for retrieval and analysis of specialized data from a medical device
  64. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Ивлиев С.А.

  65. Development of a geoinformation systems protecting method and spatial data based on a neural network
  66. Authors: Татарникова Т.М., Степанов С.Ю., Петров Я.А., Сидоренко А.Ю.

  67. Software environments for studying the basics of neural networks
  68. Authors: Татарникова Т.М., Пойманова Е.Д., Богданов П.Ю., Краева Е.В., Веревкин С.А.

  69. Threat projection to the future in complex distributed systems based on the mining of big data and automated monitoring tools
  70. Authors: Христодуло О.И., Пальчевский Е.В., Павлов С.В.

  71. Application of the neural network model to support acceptance decisions of the applicant by choice of specialty
  72. Authors: Зубкова Т.М., Тагирова Л.Ф.

  73. The adaptive image classification method using reinforcement learning
  74. Authors: Елизаров А.А.

  75. Structuring natural text entities using neural networks for generating 3D-scenes
  76. Authors: Козар Б.А., Кугуракова В.В., Сахибгареева Г.Ф.

  77. Automatic runtime error localization for software debugging using neural networks
  78. Authors: Достовалова А.М., Шерминская А.А.