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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: information systems

  1. Authors: Вагин В.Н., Михайлов И.С.

  2. Authors: Фомин В.В., Фомина И.К.

  3. Incremental replicating data for interaction information systems
  4. Authors: Прилипко А.Г.

  5. Computer processing of images in papillary diagnosis of diabetes meliitus
  6. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Дмитриев Г.А., Азази А.А.

  7. Algorithms of the biosynthesis process parameters estimation
  8. Authors: Гордеева Ю.Л.

  9. Peculiarities of working with documents in information management systems
  10. Authors: Вичугова А.А., Вичугов В.Н., Дмитриева Е.А.

  11. Algorithms and technologies provide information safety in medical information system ExterNET
  12. Authors: Карабаев М.К., Абдуманонов А.А.

  13. Modeling agents interaction in a multi-agent system using the apparatus of coloured petri nets and fuzzy logic
  14. Authors: Владимиров А.В.

  15. Management automation for the water supplying enterprise based on the process approach
  16. Authors: Ветров А.Н., Прокопчина С.В., Шереметьев С.А.

  17. Investment risks management for construction organizations based on bayesian information technologies
  18. Authors: Ветров А.Н., Прокопчина С.В., Нестеров А.О.

  19. Objective methods of simulation modeling adequacy probabilistic assessment in information systems of ergatic radioelectronic facilities acquisition
  20. Authors: Мартынов Д.В., Абу-Абед Ф.Н., Кордюков Р.Ю., Потапов А.Н.

  21. Implementation of subjective methods of simulator adequacy probabilistic assessment based on a software system involving experts and questioning trainees
  22. Authors: Мартынов Д.В., Абу-Абед Ф.Н., Потапов А.Н., Угловский Е.П.

  23. A software suite to analyze cause-effect factors of a conflict of ergotechnical radio-electronic equipment simulators
  24. Authors: Мартынов Д.В., Абу-Абед Ф.Н., Талалаев А.Б., Потапов А.Н.

  25. Optimum entropy clustering in information systems
  26. Authors: Аскерова Б.Г.

  27. A web-based content generation system for a common digital space of scientific knowledge
  28. Authors: Сотников А.Н., Калёнов Н.Е., Власова С.А.