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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: simulation

  1. Authors: Решетников В.Н., Генов А.А.

  2. Authors: Андреев В.Ю., Шорин А.Б., Новиков И.В.

  3. A forecasting method for regional information networks functioning characteristics
  4. Authors: Шишаев М.Г., Датьев И.О., Путилов В.А.

  5. The imiia system and its usage for building multi-agent systems
  6. Authors: Рыбина Г.В., Паронджанов С.С.

  7. Application of informational technologies for multilevel training of chemical technology specialists
  8. Authors: Колыбанов К.Ю., Корнюшко В.Ф., Бурляева Е.В., Арбенин Д.Е.

  9. Program complex of supporting decisions adoption with optimization of production-sale process
  10. Authors: Боковая Н.В.

  11. The automation of service-oriented systems management
  12. Authors: Сорокин А.Н.

  13. Getting of the group expert estimation of different index values: stepwise procedure and software support
  14. Authors: Хубаев Г.Н.

  15. Reception of the casual sequences on base of the analysis Valda
  16. Authors: Матвеев Ю.Н., Долженко А.Б.

  17. Software evaluation of chemical environment in emergency situations
  18. Authors: Матвеев Ю.Н.

  19. Multi-agent approach to fuzzy modeling of the transport company
  20. Authors: Абраменкова И.В., Образцов А.А., Жилкин И.А.

  21. Software tool for simulation modeling with the graph models
  22. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Незнанов А.А., Карпухин И.Н.

  23. Program based traffic generator of the virtual lab resource users
  24. Authors: Николаев А.В., Жевнерчук Д.В.

  25. System dynamics in monitoring for mass vaccination of population
  26. Authors: Лапшина С.Ю.

  27. Approaches to analyzing the accuracy of multiagent models of dynamic systems
  28. Authors: Дли М.И., Гимаров В.В., Иванова И.В.

  29. Problem of decision-making support in estimation of investment projects of foundry plants on the basis of moulding lines
  30. Authors: Зенькович М.В., Древс Ю.Г.

  31. About the program of electric power losses calculation in radial electric mains
  32. Authors: Баламетов А.Б., Халилов Э.Д.

  33. Simulation modeling of the pneumo-hidro-mechanical system in a computer simulator
  34. Authors: Иванов В.В., Лаленков В.А.

  35. The distributed subsystem of the electronic circuits design
  36. Authors: Глушань В.М., Лаврик П.В.

  37. Goal-resource networks
  38. Authors: Дюндюков В.С.

  39. Simulation systems comparative analysis for information processing research in a globally distributed automated information systems
  40. Authors: Бондаренко А.А.

  41. Modeling in computing clusters technical support system
  42. Authors: Гришаков В.Г., Фролов Д.В.

  43. Tool environments for production optimization and planning based on evolutionary metaheuristics
  44. Authors: Афонин П.В., Маликова А.А., Сашилина К.С.

  45. Creating a telecommunications market multiagent model
  46. Authors: Дли М.И., Гимаров В.В., Иванова И.В.

  47. Simulation model for repair and diagnostic complex benchmark evaluation
  48. Authors: Мартынов Д.В., Абу-Абед Ф.Н., Кордюков Р.Ю., Сергиенко С.В.

  49. Objective methods of simulation modeling adequacy probabilistic assessment in information systems of ergatic radioelectronic facilities acquisition
  50. Authors: Мартынов Д.В., Абу-Абед Ф.Н., Кордюков Р.Ю., Потапов А.Н.

  51. Virtual reality systems in damage control training of personnel
  52. Authors: Чуланов А.О., Бондарь Е.М., Радченко В.М., Федоров Н.А., Лещина А.Е.

  53. Imitation modeling for aerospace confrontation
  54. Authors: Смирнов А.А., Богданов О.А., Ковалев Д.В.

  55. Forest fire simulation using an agent-based model
  56. Authors: Яровой С.В.

  57. Implementation of subjective methods of simulator adequacy probabilistic assessment based on a software system involving experts and questioning trainees
  58. Authors: Мартынов Д.В., Абу-Абед Ф.Н., Потапов А.Н., Угловский Е.П.

  59. Review of simulation modeling tools for robot groups with social organization elements
  60. Authors: Ровбо М.А., Овсянникова Е.Е., Чумаченко А.А.

  61. Modular computer systems simulation software tool for checking feasibility of their configurations
  62. Authors: Глонина А.Б.

  63. A multy-agent simulation of infecting objects dissemination and interaction
  64. Authors: Климентьев К.Е.

  65. Kvorum – the system for modeling the behavior of robotic agent groups with elements of social organization
  66. Authors: Ровбо М.А., Овсянникова Е.Е., Карпов В.Э.

  67. Simulation of messages transmission between moving objects in a transport environment
  68. Authors: Соколова О.Д., Рудометов С.В.

  69. Comparison the efficiency of adaptive algorithms of traffic control in AnyLogic
  70. Authors: Андронов С.А.

  71. Development of operation algorithms of a mathematical model of an airship anti-stealth radar
  72. Authors: Суша С.В.

  73. . Methods and tools for modeling supercomputer job management system
  74. Authors: Баранов А.В., Ляховец Д.С.

  75. The development software for input of initial data during simulation
  76. Authors: Чернышев С.А., Антипова С.А.

  77. Modelling a supercomputer job bundling system based on the Alea simulator
  78. Authors: Баранов А.В., Ляховец Д.С.