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16 June 2024

Journal articles №2 2011

1. Implementation possibilities of temporal database for intelligent systems [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: Eremeev, A.P. ( - National Research University “MPEI” (Professor), Ph.D; ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: Implementation possibilities of temporal database for intelligent systems on the example of real time decision support systems are considered. There is offered to use means of relational database management systems, of XML language and also method developed for distributed database. The possibilities of applying the perspective OLAP-technology for realizing a temporal database are viewed.
Keywords: OLAP-technology, data warehouse, distributed database, intellectual system, temporal database
Visitors: 18469

2. Development of academic sites on base of cms NetCat [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - ; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: Content Managements Systems (CMS) is popular tool for development of sites with dynamic content. CMS organizes the development and content management process so that main part of work is fulfilled by visual manipulations and filling of web forms, necessity of programming is greatly reduced or ever excluded. Here we discussed CMS NetCat, which is one most popular CMS among professional Russian web developers.
Keywords: NetCat, site development, web design, web programming, Content Managements Systems
Visitors: 15638

3. Getting of the group expert estimation of different index values: stepwise procedure and software support [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: There are presented the procedure and instruments of getting of the group expert estimation of different index values (degree of damage, expenses, profit, volume, event occurrence time and etc.) on condition that estimation includes 3 values of the required index: minimal, maximal and the most probable.
Keywords: confidence limits of response function value, covariates errors, coefficient of variation and response function error, covariates errors, simulation
Visitors: 11481

4. Web 2.0 simulation environment of dynamical systems [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: The task of the virtual remote experiments have not yet been resolved fully. There remain questions of the organization modeling environment as a service SaaS. A large amount of data generated from the experiment, imposes stringent requirements on the quality of the transmission traffic. The proposed architecture of the environment simulation of dynamic systems, allowing to organize its functioning as an Internet service.
Keywords: browser, Internet, modeling, dynamic system modeling, integrator, open systems, virtual experiment
Visitors: 15289

5. Method of deductive inference on semantic networks of conceptual objects [№2 за 2011 год]
Author: ( - ;
Abstract: The data presentation method in first-order predicate logic, based on a formalism of knowledge engineering and the object-oriented approach, is offered. The algorithm of deductive inference on semantic network of conceptual objects is given. The new way of terms representation and the unification algorithm using given representation is offered.
Keywords: unification problem, terms representation, knowledge engineering, methods of deductive inference in intelligent systems
Visitors: 13795

6. Neural Petri networks of modelling of social processes [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: In article the new hybrid mathematical apparatus neural Petri networks is defined: its description, the equation of dynamics, a functioning rule is given. The subject domain and a measure of application of the device neural Petri networks in penal social work is defined. The example of modelling and the mathematical description on neural Petri networks of process of the decision of housing problem of the condemned is considered.
Keywords: egree of correction condemned, equation of dynamics, hybrid mathematical apparatus, neural Petri networks
Visitors: 15317

7. Automated design system of artificial neural network [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: Belyavsky G.I. ( - Scientific Reseach Institute of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics Southern Federal University, Ph.D; Puchkov E.V. ( - Rostov State University of Civil Engineering, Ph.D; Chernov A.V. ( - Rostov State Transport University, PL Rostovskogo Strelkovogo Polka Narodnogo Opolcheniya (Professor, Head of Chair), Ph.D;
Abstract: The main stages of designing a artificial neural network have been presented and analyzed. According to the research result the software has been designed and developed for artificial neural network design automation to solve practical problems. The software is based on the mathematical model of a fully multilayer perceptron. The problem of forecasting using the developed software has been solved.
Keywords: the software, forecasting, automation, the stages of design, multilayer perceptron, neural network
Visitors: 22873

8. Learning of neural network with delay [№2 за 2011 год]
Author: ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: The task of modeling and learning of artificial neural network, which dynamic is described by nonlinear system of recurrence equations with delay is considered. Methods of mathematical theory of optimum control are used for solving this task.
Keywords: optimization methods, discrete task of optimum control, artificial neural networks
Visitors: 13366

9. Cloud computing for computer simulation in science and engineering [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: The basic positions of Cloud Computing, a new trend of modern information technologies, is expounded in the article. This conception is illustrated by example of computer simulation center, Cloud portal of Internet.
Keywords: computer modeling, cloud computing, Internet, information technologies
Visitors: 20259

10. Program of parametric synthesis of flexible manufacturing systems [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: A.I. Sergeev ( - Orenburg State University (Professor), Ph.D; ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: The problem of selection technical parameters of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS ) at design stages, operation and upgrade is considered. The program of parametrical synthesis FMS is described. As a synthesis method it is offered to use evolutionary technicians of optimization.
Keywords: flexible manufacturing system, generic algorithm, parametrical synthesis
Visitors: 13756

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