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16 June 2024

Journal articles №3 2010

1. Formation and developing the scientific school of artificial intelligence in Moscow power engineering institute [№3 за 2010 год]
Authors: Vagin V.N. ( - National Research University “MPEI”, Ph.D; Eremeev, A.P. ( - National Research University “MPEI” (Professor), Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: The basic stages in formation and developing the scientific school of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems in MPEI (TU) are considered.
Keywords: decision making, intelligent systems, artificial intelligence
Visitors: 17090

2. Forms, languages and complexity parameters of the parallelism [№3 за 2010 год]
Authors: Kutepov V.P. ( - National Research University “MPEI”, Ph.D; Falk V.N. ( - National Research University “MPEI”, Ph.D;
Abstract: Main aspects of the parallelism in tasks and processes are considered in the paper. Their impact on parallel programming and implementation of parallelism on computer systems is analyzed.
Keywords: parallel programming, parallel systems, parallelism
Visitors: 11024

3. Building method of fuzzy semi-markov model of complex system functioning [№3 за 2010 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; Borisov V.V. ( - Smolensk Branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; Dli M.I. ( - (Smolensk Branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Ph.D;
Abstract: The article deals with the system functioning analysis on the base of fuzzy semi-Markov models. Different ways of fuzzy introduction are given into semi-Markov models according to the character of using information and solving problems peculiarities of system functioning analysis. A new class of fuzzy semi-Markov models is defined according to the given method of fuzziness introduction into these models. The building method of fuzzy semi-Markov model of system functioning is given.
Keywords: fuzzy representation, fuzzy function, fuzzy conclusion, fuzzy semi-Markov model
Visitors: 15487

4. Program toolkit of knowledge base design for intelligent control [№3 за 2010 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; Tyatyushkina O.Yu. ( - Dubna State University – Institute of System Analysis and Control (Associate Professor), Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: In article the analysis of problems of introduction of intelligent control systems applications is presented. The main stages of design process of robust knowledge bases are described. The efficiency of the control processes with application of the soft computing optimizer is demonstrated by Benchmark («ball–beam») of model of dynamic controlled plant under the conditions of uncertainty information about the parameters of the structure of the controlled plant.
Keywords: knowledge base optimizer, criterion of proximity, intelligent control systems
Visitors: 11341

5. Implementation and investigation of hybryd genetic programming method [№3 за 2010 год]
Authors: Bukhtoyarov V.V. ( - Academician M.F. Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University, Ph.D; Semenkin E.S. ( - Academician M.F. Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University;
Abstract: A new approach for solving symbolic regression problems is proposed. It consists of standard method of genetic programming and developed procedure of local search on the structure of the solution. The results of investigation of this approach on a set of test functions are presented. The results of testing the approach on the real problem of ore-thermal melting process modeling are also presented in the article.
Keywords: ore-thermal melting, local search, genetic programming, evolutionary algorithms, modeling
Visitors: 15877

6. Extending knowledge base with consideration of trust for new knowledge [№3 за 2010 год]
Author: ( - ;
Abstract: Issues about trust and reputation in context of describing multimedia assets and knowledge base extension are addressed in this paper. Knowledge database may be extended using statements from distributed sources over the web or directly from users. Approach for evaluating reputation and using it with predefined politics is discussing in this paper. Semantic Web and its OWL and RDF specifications was used as foundation for working dealing with knowledge bases and agents allowing process inference and safe discovering new knowledge.
Keywords: ontology, distributed knowledge base, web of trust, semantic web
Visitors: 11254

7. A component-based approach: rule-based expert system module [№3 за 2010 год]
Authors: Nikolaychuk O.A. ( - Institute of System Dynamics and Control Theory SB RAS, Ph.D; Pavlov A.I. ( - Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory Siberian Branch of RAS, Ph.D; Yurin A.Yu. ( - Institute of system dynamics and control theory SB RAS, National Research Irkutsk State Technical University, Ph.D;
Abstract: The paper considers a component-based development of system for computer-aided investigations. All components are autonomous modules that implements specified analysis method. Each component has the internal memory and unified interface. The paper considers in detail the rule-based expert system component. The architecture, functions and functional modules of the component are discussed.
Keywords: qualitative decisions, knowledge base, rule-based expert system, automation of investigations, component
Visitors: 16629

8. Model of decision-making by the intellectual agent [№3 за 2010 год]
Authors: Vinogradov G.P. ( - Tver State Technical University, Ph.D;
Abstract: The problem of development of model of decision-making by the intellectual agent in a condition of a purposeful choice is considered. The approach based on expansion of classical models of decision-making by inclusion in them of concepts of psychology is offered, sociology, etc. According to it definitions of the functional properties describing behavior of the agent, their parameters describing and measures are entered. Allowing to receive estimations of functional properties. For construction of measures the device of the theory of indistinct sets is used.
Keywords: multiagents systems, intelligent agent, goal sets, neural network, fuzzy model, fuzzy sets, decision making
Visitors: 14162

9. Intelligence software of technological processes design [№3 за 2010 год]
Authors: Burdo G.B. ( - Tver State Technical University, Ph.D;
Abstract: There are presented the technique and software technological processes of machining design with elements of artificial intelligence.
Keywords: modeling, CAD of TP, artificial intelligence, technological process
Visitors: 13450

10. Fuzzy search of proper names using lk-representations [№3 за 2010 год]
Authors: Bondarenko A.V. ( - Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Professor), Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: For fuzzy search of proper names in special bases of personal data the technique of fuzzy words comparison and search is proposed based on lk-representations. This technique guarantees matching of words with fixed degree of relative distortions.
Keywords: lk-representations, levenshtein distance, fuzzy search
Visitors: 11617

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